An exclusive Webinar for exhausted professionals

Tired all day? Here's how to get more sleep.

Hosted by
Christine Stevens
September 25th | 12:00 pm EDT | Show in my timezone

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What You'll Learn

The sleep deprivation revolt and why you should say 'yes' to more sleep at night.

We wear sleep deprivation like a badge of honor while our health, relationships and our businesses suffer. Be the one who says "I need sleep!" and learn how to get it.

The mistakes you're making when it comes to getting sleep.

Because you're tired of reading books, searching the internet at 3:00am or have just accepted you'll never get enough sleep.

How lack of sleep is affecting your business

It takes less time than you think and there are different methods to use that match your style.

Ways to improve your sleep and get more of it

It's So you wake up in the morning rested and like you can be the creative, focused CEO you are.


About Christine Stevens

Christine Stevens, MBA is a sleep consultant and coach who works with exhausted professionals who’ve tried everything to get enough sleep. I'll show you how to get it, in a way that works with your business and lifestyle.

Named as one of the top Sleep Consultants in the US by Tuck Sleep, Christine is a sought after sleep expert for and has been featured on Good Morning Washington. She has also been featured in and online and print in The Washington Post, Thrive Global, and Markets Insider. Learn more about Christine by visiting

September 25th
12:00 pm EDT